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candyce's Journal
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Wednesday, August 17th, 2011
5:48 pm
For those that haven't heard, Aspen Pearl Eskew was born August 14, 2011 at 12:01pm after 17 hours of grueling natural, drug-free labor. She was 8lbs, 20.5 inches, and I had a 2nd degree tear requiring 6 stitches. She is beautiful and I will try to get pictures up at some point.
Thursday, June 30th, 2011
2:27 pm
Well this is interesting... I think my baby might have dropped! Last night I had much worse lower back pain than usual, and all today I've felt like she's grinding her head into my cervix and I have to walk knock-kneed or she's going to come out. It's ranged from uncomfortable to painful enough to make me bend forward and make weird faces (I'm getting a lot of questions at work). Someone suggested she might have dropped; I hadn't even thought of it because I didn't think it could (or should) happen this early, but apparently it isn't unheard-of. I can breathe easier and I don't feel like her butt is in my gall bladder, so maybe so! Really, really hope it helps the indigestion go down... because yikes. I've cut out a lot of foods again because of the heartburn, but it seems like no matter what I eat it gets so bad I feel like I have acid coming up in my ears. Except cake, cookies, and ice cream... I've gone from having a sweet tooth to craving sweets all the time because they're the only things that seem to calm down the heartburn any. (Or maybe that's just my subconscious justification for eating those things - who knows?)
9:55 am
Someone posted in the austincommunity LJ looking for a 1 bedroom apartment for $1400/month. ?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Holy freaking crap, dude. That's more than my mortgage, insurance, taxes, AND HOA fees for my 4/2.5 HOUSE WITH A YARD. I am totally dumbfounded by people willing and eager to waste their money on a trendy upscale (tiny) apartment so they can live in the scene or whatever. Mind-boggling...
Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011
8:25 am
I don't remember the last time I got a decent night's sleep. I'm beginning to think I may never get one again. Certainly not for a long time.

I now outweigh my husband, who is 9 inches taller than me and despicably skinny. I have gained 40 lbs and still growing.

I am exhausted and uncomfortable and so ready to be done. I loved being pregnant, for the most part, up until a few weeks ago. The midwife says that's a good sign, that women that love being pregnant too long have trouble getting the baby out and it's better if you have that attitude shift to motivate your body into birth. I sure as hell hope so. She's due August 11, and several people have suggested that maybe she'll hang on until the 29th so she and Lane will have the same birthday! And I tell them I will kill myself if that happens. I don't want anyone suggesting she may even be a day or two late. We're thinking positively here... that baby is coming OUT. Get motivated, baby! I'm preparing the eviction notice.
Tuesday, May 24th, 2011
7:34 am
For those that didn't read it on Facebook, Lane passed his test and is now a Master Electrician! So proud!
Friday, April 29th, 2011
9:42 am
Does someone's pussy hurt?
<a href=http://www.kvue.com/news/local/New-whites-only-scholarship-stirs-controversy-120905664.html>New scholarship available to white males only</a>

WAH WAH WAH. Poor, repressed white man! This scholarship was started by a 28 year old white male, who claims "he got the idea while applying for college.  He said scholarship money was not there for him and that he felt excluded."


I didn't get a whole lot of scholarships, but I did get enough to pay for my first year at UT, including tuition and books. (And I am also 28, so we would have been applying at about the same time). And guess what? Not a single one was given to me because I'm female. They were all for my writing, my community activism, and my grades; they were not based on race or gender. I'm guessing if this guy couldn't find any scholarships, it's because he either really didn't try to find them and apply (I had a big thick book of scholarship info, available at any bookstore) or because he never bothered with his grades or bothered to get involved in volunteer work. In which case... I really don't know why he's surprised nobody wanted to give him a scholarship. Those generally go to people that show they can put in effort.

Good for him for joining the military! Once he finally put in some effort, the government rewarded him with paid education. I'd be willing to bet he served with a whole lot of minorities that were also there to earn an education because they didn't get scholarships either, despite the fact they aren't white as white can be. What an amazing concept.
Wednesday, March 30th, 2011
11:08 am
So one very cool thing we learned on our honeymoon: dolphins can see your fetus' heartbeat, and it kind of freaks them out to be around pregnant women. I still got my kiss, but the poor dolphin had to be verbally calmed by the trainer and was obviously skittish. Which made me nervous too... dolphins have teeth!

I am more than halfway through pregnancy now, and I just can't even believe it. It has really flown by, and I wonder if that's because of all the wedding hullabaloo or if the rest of it's going to fly right by too. I suspect it will... better get on that reading and take those childbirth classes! Oh, and shopping and registering too. Always so much to do!
Sunday, March 27th, 2011
5:56 pm
We're married, we're honeymooned, and we're having a baby girl! She's big, she's healthy, and she gets very excited and moves around a lot at meal times. And she eats a LOT! We have a list of names but haven't picked one out and may not for a while. And we are very, very glad this wedding business is OVER!!! Well, besides for packing stuff up, changing my name, writing thank-yous, etc. But the hard parts are over. Whew!!! Good to be married finally. My new name is Candyce Dagny Friday Fae Eskew.
Wednesday, March 9th, 2011
11:35 am
In 10 days, I will be married!!! The idea is completely surreal right now. I've spent almost 28 years unmarried... part of me still can't believe that in just 10 days that will change. It's always seemed like it would never get here, and now it's coming fast and I have way too much to do!
Friday, March 4th, 2011
8:11 am
It's Official
Today, I am officially the Heaviest I Have Ever Been, and I am so thrilled! Reveling in my baby bump.
Tuesday, February 8th, 2011
10:27 am
It looks like a baby now!
<img src="http://i1091.photobucket.com/albums/i399/candyce_23/photo.jpg" alt="Photobucket" />

As opposed to the last US, which looked more like a peanut. Now it's a giant, baby-shaped peanut with arms and legs.

Fingers and toes accounted for, heartbeat good. It was waving at us =)  The growth has caught up some, and the due date moved up four days this time to August 14th, which is only 3 days behind my expected LMP due date. I am officially in the second trimester and looking forward to betterness. Definitely nice to know that my miscarriage chances at this point are very, very low. Looks like this one's a keeper!
Thursday, February 3rd, 2011
12:48 pm
I am upset. The heater is still broken at work - I'm wearing 5 layers on top, 2 on bottom, my hat, gloves, and scarf, and I am still freaking freezing. I just want to go home and crawl under all the blankets on the bed with my dogs and sleep the rest of the day. I didn't get to have my ultrasound yesterday because the office didn't have any power, and I'm worried about my baby. I want to know it's growing like it's supposed to, since it was a week too small at the last one. I've been looking forward to this for over a month, and I'm really disappointed. And of course Lane doesn't care at all and isn't worried at all, and that just aggravates me even more. I'm getting very frazzled and intermittently losing it at work. I'm hoping for a nice big snow tonight so I can call in tomorrow.
Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011
8:20 am
Oh, the adventures we've had!
It has been an interesting few days. Monday we went for a midwife appointment, and she was using the Doppler to try and find the baby's heartbeat... except that she couldn't. Not for like 10 minutes, at which point I was already imagining the horror of having to tell everyone the baby had died and would have to be cut out of me. Luckily she finally got it, and it's fine. Then she went to do a blood draw. I told her I'm a very hard stick, and I don't know if she isn't as good as she thinks she is or if I psyched her out, but she was pretty unsuccessful. She skipped my arms altogether to go straight to my hands; couldn't get anything from the first hand, got some out of the second but still not enough, but did manage to leave a huge ball of blood under the surface of the skin, which is very painful. Kinda hoping I get one of the other midwives next time.

Monday morning Lane woke up in the middle of the night because our swinging chairs on the back porch were banging against the pillar in the wind - except that when he went to tie them up, he discovered they weren't actually hitting the pillar, they were hitting THE ROOF. He leashed them together with the rain coming sideways, but had a hard time getting back to sleep after that, poor guy. I slept through the entire thing, miraculously. But in the morning all the metal patio furniture had been blown off, including Lane's giant (and still pretty new) grill. We were very upset, but I think it's actually okay. That's some heavy-duty craftsmanship right there, considering it was turned sideways and then blown off, landing on its little side shelf.

Yesterday I passed three wrecks, one of which involved a car completely flipped over on the side of I35. Apparently mere cold makes people drive as retarded as they do when it's raining. The wind was blowing my little car around some, but not THAT much. A big, light-up 7-11 sign was completely blown through, and there was glass debris all over the road at South 1st and Ben White. There were also trash bins and trash all over the roads and people's yards.

But the fun doesn't stop there! This morning on my way to work as I approach South 1st and William Cannon, it is completely pitch black for blocks in every direction. No lights from any houses, businesses, street lights, and especially traffic lights. That was fun. My radio station happened to go out at the exact same time I drive into the darkness.... weird... but I found another one and learned of the rolling black-outs all over the city and including all the surrounding areas. FUN!!! It's 16 degrees outside, a temperature us natives are wholly unfamiliar with anyway, it's about to be rush hour, and the electricity is randomly going off everywhere! They say it's for 7-10 minutes at a time, but unfortunately in some areas they haven't been able to get it to come back on at all. Our nurse manager was stuck inside her apartment complex for over an hour because the electronic gates couldn't open, and even then maintenance had to manually force them open. The electricity is still out there.

There's already a boiler out at the hospital, so all the buildings are freezing. We're not SUPPOSED to be included in black-outs, but lots of things happen here that aren't SUPPOSED to. As building manager, I report any issues to maintenance for both my buildings (the Child/Adolescent residential unit and their Day School), including temperature issues... because gods forbid we be allowed to have our own thermostat and control our own temperature. (It's much more effective to have someone in a building across the street do it for us, amiright?) So I get nothing but whining, constantly, from everyone. They're always either too hot or too cold. As a pregnant woman, I have very little patience for any whining but my own. Some days I'm so irritable I send out a mass email: "I realize you're too hot/cold. I have reported it to maintenance, and that's all I can do. Maintenance says <this> about it. I recommend you dress in layers." That doesn't stop the whining though. Like somehow if they keep bugging me about it I can magically fix it for them. Sorry, but no. If I could, I would already have fixed it for me... I don't particularly care about you.

Today we get our second ultrasound. It's supposed to actually resemble a baby this time, rather than a peanut, so here's hoping! Also, to the million and a half people that have asked (and it's very sweet that you're interested... but jeez...) no, we do not know what we're having yet. Considering it didn't even really look like a human yet, it was pretty difficult to tell. And no, we won't be able to tell at this one either. Yes, we are going to find out - just not until March. IF it's cooperative. Mom says I was quite the prankster child, so she wouldn't be surprised if it never reveals the goods until it's born. Thanks, Mom.
Wednesday, January 5th, 2011
9:50 am
We visited the new south location of the Austin Birthing Center yesterday and it was so great! The women are all very friendly, the place is very homey and comfortable and serene. All three birthing rooms have big beds, walk-in showers, tubs, and mini kitchens, and there's access to a full kitchen as well. They're set up to handle most emergencies, and I didn't realize this but they actually do have IV non-numbing pain medication for women that are really freaking out and having a hard time of it, but they said it's very rarely needed. They require you to take birthing classes so that you're well prepared for the experience, but all their classes, including prenatal yoga, breastfeeding, etc., are free! (Or part of the package you pay for, really, but I'm considering them free because we're really not paying that much - considering it includes all prenatal check-ups, delivery, and 3 post-partum visits, one of which is them coming to your home shortly after birth to make sure it's going okay.)

We are so excited and feel really good about it... and luckily they agreed with Dr. Berry, the perinatologist, that I'm not high risk and a good candidate for the center. Hurray!
Thursday, December 30th, 2010
8:18 am
We had our first ultrasound yesterday! Baby is small, so they're pushing me back from 8 weeks to 7 weeks and moving my due date from August 11 to August 17. (I'm hoping for August 15-18 - the anniversary of Woodstock!) It is only 9mm long, but its heartbeat is perfect.

And best of all, the perinatalogist is NOT classifying me as high risk, so I will be able to go on my cruise and give birth at the Austin Birthing Center! I won't even need an OB at all!

Yay so excited!!!
Wednesday, December 29th, 2010
8:16 am
Oh and P.S., I feel like The Very Hungry Caterpillar all the time, except that instead of turning into a beautiful butterfly I'm going to get so fat I can't put on my own shoes.

But P.P.S. - Today's our first ultrasound and I am so excited!
8:14 am
I am going to be enormous...
Thanks to holiday food and my insatiable appetite, I've gained 6 pounds in 2 weeks. NOT healthy, considering my baby is the size of a peanut and I'm not supposed to have gained any weight yet. I am almost back up to the weight I was before I started trying to get in shape for the wedding, and I look PREGNANT. I have a pot belly. Confirming the suspicions I had all along that I looked pregnant, despite Lane's denial, which is why I started busting my ass to try and lose weight in the first place. At this rate, I'm going to be obviously showing by my wedding and freaking enormous come this summer. Really gotta drag that exercise bike back into the living room and start waking up early again. I don't want to get so huge I can't hardly move!
Monday, December 27th, 2010
11:04 am
Cat officially out of bag...
So for those that haven't heard yet - we're pregnant! It's officially everywhere now, so feel free to talk about it openly!
Tuesday, December 7th, 2010
3:05 pm
Thursday, November 18th, 2010
8:09 pm
Need advice
We want to blow up one of my aspen pictures from Colorado to a canvas print for our house, but I can't decide which one. My goal was to get the glowing color of green when the sun shines through the leaves. Which do you like best?

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